To be honest I am still working on my own home to get it to that nautical flair that puts me in my happy place. I love the rope idea with the lights. I am sure there are many more ideas that can be used with ropes. Knots are interesting and a must know with any boater whether it be a motor boat or sailboat. Personally I prefer a sail boat. It’s peaceful, and allows you to capture the excitement of nature such as dolphins playing, birds perching on your sails or masts. Funny story, my family and I were traveling with my uncle on his 27′ sail boat from Rochester, NY to the Thousand Islands. During our voyage a bat was lingering around our boat while we were deep into the waters of Lake Ontario. The bat was notably exhausted being out in the middle of the lake. My mother being the animal lover she was, grabbed an empty graham cracker box and somehow captured the bat safely inside, probably saving it from possible death. We sailed with that bat for hours until we finally reached land. Of course my mother gingerly opened the graham cracker box and set the little guy free. All were happy!

LIVING ROOM/GREAT ROOM: No need to get discouraged if your home is not layout in the same as the photo above. Nautical design is all based on colors and decor. Think outside of the box.


Here are some interesting NAUTICAL DECOR ideas that could make all the difference in any room. Consider things such as pillows, chair cushions, wall colors. It’s easy and fun to design your home and/or any room in your home. Ideas range from ships wheel, anchors, port windows, Another great design to bring nautical flair to your home is adding wainscoting to the base of your walls.
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