Personally I have a soft spot for clocks.  Not only do I have many clocks adorning my home whether it be on the wall or on shelves.  I also repair clocks both antique mechanical clocks as well as battery operated ones.  There is nothing more rewarding than bringing an old or even newer time piece back to life.  One of my favorite style clocks is the ships clock (noted in picture above).  A ships clock sound is distinctive with the chime rods hitting a bell making a beautiful dinging sound on the hour and half hour.  The clock chimes anywhere from one chime to eight chimes.  The chimes not only tell the time, but back in the day the ship clock chimes from these types of clocks would inform crew members when to start there shift and when it has ended.  Crew members had responsibility of manning the helm, trimming sails, keeping a lookout for danger ahead as well as navigation.

BELOW is a table showing how a ships clock bell indicates the time.  The sun and moon would aid the crew into knowing if it was AM or PM.  

One Bell 12:30 4:30 8:30
Two Bells 1:00 5:00 9:00
Three Bells 1:30 5:30 9:30
Four Bells 2:00 6:00 10:00
Five Bells 2:30 6:30 10:30
Six Bells 3:00 7:00 11:00
Seven Bells 3:30 7:30 11:30
Eight Bells 4:00 8:00 12:00


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Below is on of my favorite wall clocks that I own.  The colors in this clock have many of the nautical colors.  It boasts the colors of the sky, water and earth.  

Here are some other great options to choose from for your living room, den, sun room, bedroom, office or outdoor area.  By clicking on the image below you will be redirected to Amazon.  

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Another option for clocks is the mechanical key wind clock.  These clocks typically run for 8 days before they need to be wound again.  You may decide you want an antique or newer key wind clock.  Either way they provide a nice look for any nautical style theme.  

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Another style clock is a Chain driven clock such as a cuckoo clocks.  As most of you probably know these clock have a loud TIC-TOC as the pendulum sways back and forth.  Most cuckoo clocks will dong the time in two ways one from a hammer clanging on chime rods located on the inside back of the clock, as well as a bird will deploy from the door above the face making a cuckoo cuckoo sound indicating the time.  On the half hour these two mechanism will activate one time only.  To wind these clocks you simple pull the chain when the weights have reached the end of the chains length. There are many types of cuckoo clocks. For example there are  1 day clocks, 8 day clocks, musical clocks that tend to have different figurines that move about on the hour and half hour.   



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